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Scope of workExperienced Faculty

Scope of work

The electric grid in a country determines strength of the nation.

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Experienced Faculty

We have more than 10 years well experienced engineers in the field.

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V Equal IR T&C Service is the most advanced technical training center in the field of Testing & Commissioning (T&C).

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Welcome to V Equal IR
Nowadays it is a huge challenge for fresher’s to get a job in reputed companies as also for reputed companies to hire highly skilled and proficient engineers. We are now here to sort out these issues and support both sides. We provide training to fresh operation and maintenance Engineers who want to pursue their career in the core field. V Equal IR T&C Service will reduce the cost of training of the Testing companies by supplying efficient and well trained candidates.

Man power support

Also we provide man power supply to Power generation & distribution, Industrial, Control & Relay panel Manufacturer, Testing & commissioning companies.

Placement Program

Once your training course is completed, we offer Job opportunities. We have contacts with all reputed testing companies including MNCs to provide 100% Job opportunity to all the candidates.

Protection Relays Training

Protection Relays Training, We have all type of manufacturing relays to teach our Engineers. We will teach following for protection Line protection Relay Distance protection Line differential protection Auto reclose protection Generator protection Relay  Motor protection Relay Transformer Protection Relay Differential protection REF protection SEF protection Over fluxing protection Transformer body protection Busbar protection CentralisedBusbar […]

SCADA/ SAS Training

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is one of the most important parts of Substation & Generating station. It is the main control center of the substation, where the electrical equipment’s in the entire station will be monitored and controlled in the place where we are without get on to the spot.

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