We have all kinds of electrical equipment to teach our engineers. They can handle each and every equipment individually.  After completing the course they can perform the testing activity without any assistance. It would be of great help to the engineers and testing companies.

V=IR Engineer will do as a senior at site itself. We will give good effort for them to get the training.

We have following Electrical equipment

Switchyard Equipment

  1. Current Transformer
  2. Voltage Transformer
  3. Circuit Breaker
  4. Lighting arrester
  5. Transformer
  6. Motor


We have sufficient number of meters for Engineer training. They can calibrate the meter them self.

We have the following meters

  1. Single phase energy meter
  2. Three phase energy meter
  3. Ammeter
  4. Voltmeter
  5. MW meter
  6. Frequency meter
  7. Power factor meter
  8. Oil temperature meter



We have sound knowledge in electro mechanical and numerical relays. We will teach using various make relays. Engineers can select the relay depending upon the field, company or knowledge.

We have the following major protection relays available in our organization

  1. Line protection Relay Distance protection Line differential protection Auto recluse protection
  1. Generator protection Relay
  2. Motor protection Relay
  3. Transformer Protection Relay Differential protection REF protection SEF Protection Over fluxing protection Transformer body protection
  1. Busbar protection Centralised Busbar Decentralised Busbar
  1. Feeder management protection

Directional overcurrent protection

Directional Earth fault protection

Non-Directional overcurrent protection

Non- Directional Earth fault protection

Over Voltage protection

Under Voltage protection

Over frequency protection

Under frequency protection

LBB Protection

  1. Auxiliary Relays

Master trip relay

Trip circuit supervision relay

DC/AC supervision relay

Fuse Failure relay

Voltage selection Relay

Relay Make

We have the following Make of Numerical Relays

  1. Siemens relay
  2. Alstom relay
  3. Schneider relay
  4. ABB relay
  5. GE relay
  6. EasunReyrolle relay
  7. L & T relay