Protection Relays Training

Protection Relays Training,

We have all type of manufacturing relays to teach our Engineers. We will teach following for protection

  1. Line protection Relay

Distance protection

Line differential protection

Auto reclose protection

  1. Generator protection Relay 
  2. Motor protection Relay
  3. Transformer Protection Relay

Differential protection

REF protection

SEF protection

Over fluxing protection

Transformer body protection

  1. Busbar protection



  1. Feeder management protection

Directional overcurrent protection

Directional Earth fault protection

Non-Directional overcurrent protection

Non- Directional Earth fault protection

Over Voltage protection

Under Voltage protection

Over frequency protection

Under frequency protection

LBB Protection

  1. Auxiliary Relays

Master trip relay

Trip circuit supervision relay

DC/AC supervision relay

Fuse Failure relay

Voltage selection Relay

We have the following Make of Numerical Relays

  1. Siemens relay
  2. Alstom relay
  3. Schneider relay
  4. ABB relay
  5. GE relay
  6. EasunReyrolle relay
  7. L & T relay