SCADA/SAS Training


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is one of the most important parts of Substation & Generating station.

It is the main control center of the substation, where the electrical equipment’s in the entire station will be monitored and controlled in the place where we are without get on to the spot.

The main substation automation (SA) function consists of several sub-functions which are appropriately interfaced. These sub-functions are known as Logical Nodes (LN). Logical nodes reside in the IED which is also called a LogicalDevice (LD). One logical device (IED1) holds one or multipleLogical Nodes (LN1 and LN2).


There several things to be known for a fulfilled electrical engineer. We assure you that would be a successful career creator of your own life once joining with us.

We have knowledgeable engineers for conducting the training course. Also we have Bay control unit (BCU), Engineering PC and relevant software for SCADA/SAS training. We installed one mini Substation for SCADA integration.